Thinking about Updates!

I recently sent an email out requesting for new sites so I could update the blog. I also mentioned I was thinking about moving this over to a full webpage. However, I only got two responses to my email. Both interesting and great but receiving two was a disappoint. This site gets a lot of traffic so I would like to see more done with it. If you do too please leave a comment or an email so we can make it even better resource for the community.

Now the two new resources.
The International Seminar on Urban Form or ISUF: More than a Seminar the ISUF is an interdisciplinary organization seeking to examine the Urban Form. Started in 1994 it organizes conferences and publishes the Journal of Urban Morphology. It has a nice directory of websites to followup with and a great bibliography on Urban Morphology and limited online access to the Journal of Urban Morphology.

Mixedmetro is a cooperative venture between the University of Georgia, Washington and Dartmouth College. Well funded the principal investigators seek to visualize the racial and ethnic diversity of US metropolitan neighborhoods and where mixes rouse couples live. What I find interesting is the interactive mapping perfect for people seeking to understand urban ethnic makeup of many of the USA leading metropolitan areas.  


Changes for February

Sorry this took so long but I had to put together my admissions package to Portland State University wish me luck. I am also preparing a presentation for the AAG conference.

As I promised long ago I have broken the alphabetical blog listing down into categories or theme pages.  Below are the categories and my definitions.  These are subject to change and expansion as more blogs are found that may force a reorganization of them.

I am going to keep the alphabetical listing going for those who just want to browse.  I also hope to get a search engine and keywords going so you can have another way to access the list.

Do not worry I will make another pass through the Internet to find more sites. In the mean time please feel free to email me blogs or sites for me to look at.

I am adding this information Tough meant for librarians you might find it interesting or a good way to get updated on the issue

Trendy Topics:
Geo-Based Social Networks:  FourSquare, Gowalla, MyTown & More

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Cities: These pages focus on specific cities around the world.

Institutions and Organizations: Here you will find blogs for specific schools or organization.  In the first passes I have stayed away from this topic because it could quickly get out of hand but with its own page I ll look at sites that have helpful information.

International: This page contains list of websites that are not focused on the USA.  They maybe country specific or international in scope

Journals: This page deals with blogs or websites of journals dedicated to urban studies.

Personal/ Miscellaneous: Here are blogs that are more personal with just a nod to urban studies or just too unusual to fit under a theme.  Like research as a theme develops I ll create a page for them.

Research: Here is research that is to general right now to have its own group or of blogs that just say “urban research”, as themes develop I will break them out into new pages.

Sustainability /Green: Research on the sustainable and green urban spaces

Technology: A collection of blogs dealing with technology and urban studies. It ranges from GIS to visualization to information technologies

List 2

180 New Urbanism: Centered on creating successful and sustainable mixed use projects in Greenfield or redevelopment locations. Besides the blog it has a list of resources you might find useful.

Archiving the City: Is an archive of urban experience, concerned how researchers interested in sensations, perceptions, aesthetics and politics of living in cities today might expand their methods beyond the traditional tools accepted in the social sciences. In another sense Archiving the City is a peek inside one researcher’s field notebook.

B.U.S.S.A Blog for the Berkeley Urban Studies Student Association

Dallas Urban Blog: Looks at urban studies issues in the Dallas Forth Worth region.

Catlin Gabel Urban Studies Blog: An urban studies program at a private secondary school

City Limits: New York City’s Leading Civic Magazine and News Site.

The Commons: Markets Protecting the Environment: A blog about market forces creating sustainable spaces.

Connected Urban Development Group: This group studies connectivity to create a sustainable urban space.

Creative Class: Richard Florida’s website and blog on Creative Class and urban development.

The Institute of Urban Studies: Blog for the Canadian Institute of Urban Studies

Reinventing Urban Transport: Looking for answer to transport issues.

Regional Studies Association Blog: Provides news and updates from and about the association.

The Urban Blogger: This is a social network for people blogging about their urban lives.

The Urban Blog: A blog covering several cities with a strong focus on Reno.

Urban Ecology: Discus the use of urban ecology and planning to design and build healthier city.

The Urban Eye Blog: Examines Downtown Denver

Urban Oasis: LaDale Winling’s blog examining the interaction between academics and cities.

Urban Planning Blog: Dr. Pratik Mhatre’s blog on urban planning and design.

Urban Planning Research: Many Essays on Urban Studies

Urban Review STL: A look at public policy and urban planning in St. Louis region.

Urban Studies Blog: A listing of European Urban Studies resources.

Urban Studies and Urbanism: A list of resources centered on Chicago.

Urban Travel Blog: Uses Twiter to post links concerning peoples experiences in different cities.

University Center for Social & Urban Research: Univ of Pittsburgh’s Urban blog. One of the few university blogs that contains information, and resources.

Walking Score: A blog dealing with walkable cities.


First List

Austin Kocher: A personal blog for Austin Kocher, a graduate student of geography at ohio State University, it covers an array of social science issues and GIS.

Blackantipode: This blog will seek to explore the struggle in Black geographies

BLDGBLOG: Building Blog Written by Geof Manaugh covering Architectural Conjecture, Urban Speculation and Landscape Future.

Brownstoner: Explores the unique architectural landscape of the Brooklyn.

Cosmetropolis: Uses sociological and geographical approaches to disuse urban space, identity, and culture.

Digital Urban: Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith’s blog on modeling, visualizing and communicating the urban environments.

Edible Geography: Dedicated to the relationship between food and geography.

Environmental and Urban Economics: Thoughts on environmental urban issues from an economic perspective.

Future Communities: Studies the practical ways in which new and existing housing developments in the UK can succeed as desirable places to live.

Higley 1000: This blog covers racial integration in America’s wealthiest neighborhoods and suburbs.

Infrastructurist: Covers the construction and infrastructure projects throughout America.

Ireland after NAMA: Started after the 2009 Geography after NAMA (National Assets Management Agency) This blog focuses on the future Ireland in the wake of the current recession. It is hoped that it would be a useful blog of data to help its readers understand Ireland during the recession.

Just Space:Isa network of community groups  battling for a better spatial plan for London

Laimikis: Looks at art in urban environments but is in a mix Italian and English.

Michael Edwards: A British website covering the geography of the current crisis.

Openalex: This blog focus on sustainable cities and is done by a PhD candidate.

Planners Network UK: Which is a network of British planning practitioners, academics and students who share a left perspective.

Pruned: Covers landscape architecture and related fields of studies.

Secure Cities: Professor Jermy Nemeth’s blog covering his research on right to public spaces and security and public space.

Social Explorer: Blog to the Social explore a website Social Explorer an online research tool designed to provide quick and easy access to modern and historical census data and demographic information. The easy-to-use web interface lets users create fast, intuitive, and illustrative maps and reports to help visually analyze and understand demographic and social change throughout history.

Social Shutter: Social Shutter is a weekly venue for photo essays and single photos with extended captions about social life and happenings in cities and communities around the world.  Submissions are welcome.

Space and Culture: The blog for the Journal of Space and Culture.

Twin City Sidewalks: This blog focuses on the sidewalks of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Urban Orgs:Looks at formal organizations and inequality in urban contexts.

Urban Spaces and Cultures: Hopes to study urban culture in the global cities and their role in globalization.

Whistling Past the Graveyard: This blog deals with the land use issues surrounding graveyards.

Web Urbanust: A walk through the sensational, educational and inspirational urban culture.

Woostercollective: Is a collection of dedicated to celebrating art places on streets around the world.

Zero Geograpghy: Mark Graham’s blog on the relationship between the physical world and the Internet.